About GingerPopStudio

I'm a one-woman art shop: I create all my own art, print and pack it all myself, and I built and maintain this website to sell it on. I have a full time day job (as a website and graphic designer) but someday I hope to become successful enough to make creating and selling art my full time job.

My mission, is to create art that so full of joy and color, that you cannot walk by it without feeling a lightness and smile spread across your face. That's when I know my mission is a success. When you walk into a room and see a stack of gorgeous, colorful pancakes, I want you to smile. Then I want you to pass that smile onto someone else.

Thanks for your support. #SpreadJoyThroughArt

Get to Know Me

  • I've been creating art since I can remember learning how to hold a pencil. Back then it was always horse drawings.
  • I was lucky enough to attend oil painting classes at the local senior center when I was in middle school with my dad. It was us and 6 other wonderful senior citizens painting for 2-3 hours every Tuesday night. That is where my love and skill for oil painting developed. I still love the medium.
  • Currently I work primarily in either digital paint media, or acrylic painting. Both are faster processes than oil painting, and with my lack of patience it has really opened up my ability to create.
  • I start paintings all the time that don't get finished.
  • My husband is amazing, and a huge supporter of my art and passions. He's extremely talented at building/fixing things - and built me my latest giant wooden canvases to paint on.
  • We have two small adorable dogs we adopted from the shelters. (Someday I hope to have a big pack of many rescues!)
  • We recently relocated to just outside Viroqua, WI (from Colorado), and love it here
  • I love Taylor Swift and Kraft boxed mac n' cheese (the shapes obvs.)