Colorful Art Prints to Spread Joy

Our mission, is to create art that so full of joy and color, that you cannot walk by it without feeling a lightness and smile spread across your face. That's when we know our mission is a success. When you walk into a room and see a stack of gorgeous, colorful pancakes, we want you to smile. Then we want you to pass that smile onto someone else.



Sarah did an awesome job. She was very quick and easy to work with. My wife loves the piece!


It came out even better than we expected. Sarah does absolutely wonderful work bringing the animals to life.

Brenna M.

Absolutely nailed the reference photo we sent in with her unique pallet and style. Highly recommended!

Andy H.

Sarah’s creativity not only brought Hazel and Barky to life, but also tears to my daughters’ eyes when they received their one-of-a-kind paintings at Christmas.

Caroline O.

Art to Spread Joy

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